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急性骨髄性白血病 治療日記 -だってたべたいんだもん編ー

一時退院14日目 (Day 14 in the house)


I baked the whole wheat scone for the breakfast.



It was good even though it didn't rise.



This menu is what I prepared for the second round of chemotherapy.


1) カレーとごはんをタッパーに入れて冷凍 × 3個

curry and rice (frozen)

2) シチュー冷凍 × 3個

Stew (frozen)


For the first chemotherapy, I could not eat the rice even though I didn't have fever. But I could eat curry and rice.

3) カゴメ つぶより野菜 めっちゃオイシイ! veggie juice

4) 大豆まるごと甘酒 めっちゃオイシイ! ※お酒は入ってません!soy milk 


5) フルーツ缶詰を一口大にカットして、ジップロックに入れて冷凍 (熱が出た時用) can fruits (frozen)

6) ささみサラダのレシピを3つ、母に託す(入院中に作ってもらう) three recipes of chicken salad and give them to my mother (she will cook for me)

7) ミロ (牛乳に入れて飲む) milo, something you can put into the milk



For the first round, I barely ate. When I have high fever, I drunk only water. And forced myself to eat some fruits. After the fever gone, I only could eat bagels and cream cheese and milk coffee.



For the second round, I don't know how much I can eat. I prepared something I think I can eat to give myself power to fight.



Tomorrow my second chemotherapy will start.

頑張ってきます^ - ^

I will beat the cancer!